Stacked Containers

Containers for Sale

For security and durability, you can’t beat a shipping container. Manufactured out of Corten steel, shipping containers are designed to withstand years of being battered by the elements out at sea while piled on top of each other.

Whether you’re looking to use it for storage, self storage or shipping we’ll help you find a top-quality shipping container.

Self storage containers

A new container will last you at least 30 years. And buying new allows you more opportunity to tailor-make your box to suit your exact requirements. You can choose a colour which fits with your branding and choose from optional features like easy-open doors.

New shipping containers

While used containers have a few more aesthetic imperfections, we won’t sell you anything that’s not structurally sound and watertight. Your second-hand box will be 10-15 years young and will have been rigorously inspected by one of our team.

Used shipping containers