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Shipping Container Delivery UK

Where are your depots?

We have a network of depots covering England, Scotland or Wales. So, wherever you are in the UK, we can offer competitive delivery prices and speedy turnaround.


How are shipping containers delivered?

It goes without saying that safety is our main priority. A vehicle equipped with a HIAB crane will transport and install your shipping container. All our hauliers are friendly and experienced and will work with you to position your container safely.

New or used, purchased or rented, our containers are structurally sound. And they don’t leak. Because what good is a leaky storage container?

Are there any site requirements?

Your site must meet certain criteria. This is to accommodate delivery vehicle access and ensure stability. You can download our printable site requirements checklist here. We can also arrange site visits if you are unsure. Of course, if you have any questions, just give us a call.

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What if my site doesn’t meet these requirements?

If your site isn’t suitable for one reason or another, there’s usually a workaround we can consider. Over the years, we’ve found a way to deliver containers to the most challenging locations!

Can you provide RAMS?

Yes, we’re happy to provide Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS). If you need them, just let us know at the time of order.